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Sevilla Official Tours is a group of Official Guides of Seville, who have joined to offer regular and special tours,

for those visitors who are looking for something different.

We love what we do and want to show you Seville as you have never seen it before!

The Team

Maribel Nieto
Seville Official Guide

Maribel enjoys summer having sun baths and winter skiing in the mountains! Theather and movies are also one of the favourite things she likes to do!

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German.

Carmen Ramos
Seville Official Guide

She always finds time to see a good movie or practise hiking… contact with nature is basic for her!

Languages: Spanish, English, German.

Estela González
Seville Official Guide
Her passion is travelling: the further the better! She always spends some months in another country to improve the languages she speaks. A good book and good music go always with her. Estela collects urchings(false ones): 57 by now!
Languages: Spanish, English, some French, German.
Alicia Caro
Seville Official Guide

Alicia enjoys a good talk with friends, and loves to spend time with the family. Nature, travelling and reading is the best combination she can do to feel happy!

Languages: Spanish, English, French

Concha López-Viota
Seville Official Guide

Concha loves art since she was a child. Languages, decoration and cooking are also her passions! Carrillada Ibérica is one of her best dishes!

Languages:Spanish, English, Italian, German.

Kate Gutiérrez
Seville Official Guide

Kate likes hiking, nature and spending time with her family. She thinks she has the best job in the world and feels very proud to live in Seville and show it to the world.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German.

Carlos Delgado
Seville Official Guide

Carlos loves sports, movies and reading, and enjoy the little things of life!

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian