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Holy Week in Sevilla


Lent in Seville is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Sevilla after a long winter, goes out. The Seville orange blossom and the streets smell of orange blossom, holy week bands are heard in the background and Seville begin preparing their robes , the smell of incense …

Every year the brotherhoods or “ cofradías” often brand new: a mantle of a Virgin, or crown of Christ … Holy week in Sevilla has arrived.

Did you know that the oldest brotherhood of Seville is “Santo Entierro” whose origins are in the 13 th century or “El Silencio” was born in 1355?

The brotherhoods were originally guilds who met a charity and social objective or also gather ethnicity as black people or gypsies.


costaleros Sevilla


Some of the differences between the Holy week of Sevilla and other areas of Spain are, for example, the “costaleros”. Costaleros are carrying the “pasos” under, each one distributes the weight on his neck. The weight carried by each costalero depends on the “paso”, but between 30 and 50 kilos.

The most famous images are the Christ of the Great Power (Gran Poder), the Virgen de la Macarena and the Christ of El Cachorro, on Holy Thursday (night) and Friday. But every day Easter is a living museum in the street, feelings, music, images and scents awaken the senses and is a unique experience.



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